Hey love!

I'm Veronica a 20-something-year-old first year graduate student, photographer and blogger from Miami, FL

I started blogging back in 2014 during my freshman year of college (formerly Love, Veronica XO) as a hobby that I grew to love. From networking events to meeting many inspirational individuals, blogging is the main thing that introduced me to the world of content creating. Over the years, my blog has helped me land internships, writing and leadership positions. Fast-forward to 2018, my life took a huge shift and I felt like my blog needed a new start. Now here we are!

So here's to a fresh start...

I call my blog my life portfolio where I speak on my experiences in hopes to inspire and help others. On the blog, I'll be sharing my grad school and life experiences while dropping gems here and there that you all can take away from. Life is filled with many transitions and this is my way of watching myself grow while also helping you all along the way.

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