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Monday, December 30, 2019

There were times when I thought "what difference is it going to make if I say what I want out loud?" "What is manifesting my dreams going to do for me?" "Who's going to hear me?"

The truth was I was being heard. The thing is I was all talk and no hard work.

It's easy to say what you want, but is how you're spending your days aligning with what you're trying to speak into your life?

Manifest what you want, sow your seeds, and watch them grow.

It's not going to be easy though, and that's the tricky part. You think this is your calling, so why are all these obstacles in place keeping you from reaching your goals? Here's a little secret, the joy is in the journey. Once you stop living in the future, worrying about when you'll finally reach your destination, and focus on the present you'll realize that the fun is in the work your doing. Yes, some parts are tedious. Yes, some days you might question if what you're doing is for you. Some parts of the journey will be worse than others, but you're being prepared for what's ahead. But it's not always the obstacles of the journey that's keeping you from where you want to be, sometimes it's you. Yes, you.

How can it be you? Well, you tell me. How many times have you put off a project because you felt like it wasn't good enough? When was the last time you promoted your work? Have you worked towards improving the parts that you see need improvement? Some may say it's laziness, others may say it's fear. Sometimes you have to point the finger back at yourself and accept the reality because there's really nothing that can stop you from what you were designed to do.

What is for you will not pass you.

Whatever doubt or fear you have about the journey you're on is normal. It's up to you to continue because trust me your work has a purpose. It may not feel like it when it gets tough but there is a reason for that fire burning inside you; fuel it.

It's time to get out of your own way, step out on faith and walk your path.

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  1. I love this post! It’s definitely the kick in the butt I’ve needed. I am ALWAYS in my own way. Specially my poorly timed self doubt. But I like what you said about starting with what you have. That was a message! Thanks for the push! You’re awesome!

  2. It's definitely a challenge, but something worth doing to push you further. Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it! :)