Grad School: Where I'm Going, What I'm Studying + More

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Saying that I'm in grad school still feels surreal to me. If you asked me 5 years ago if I had plans to pursue a master's degree I would have confidently said "no". Now look at me, in the college struggle... again, but that's ok because it's all a part of the plan.

I'm the first in my family to attend grad school so I'll be figuring out everything along the way (if you have any advice feel free to comment below). I decided to document my "struggles" because these last few weeks already let me know that breakdowns are on their way...

But I will persevere nonetheless!

Where I'm going and what I'm studying

For the next two years, I'll be continuing my studies in communication at Florida State University in their Public Interest Media Communication program. You're probably wondering what that is and I was too when I first came across is it.

This program, to sum it up, is a merge between documentary production and communication research. It's a fairly new program that the university offers for students who want to focus on more hands-on projects and not just research alone. Throughout the program, we pick an area of work that we want to focus on (environment, social justice, politics, etc.) and learn how to conduct the research that will give us the information when needed to produce films, documentaries, and social media campaigns. I chose to focus in on producing media content that better represents marginalized communities.

My program alone is pretty small I have about four cohorts that came in with me because of the fact that no one really knows about the program. If I didn't do the research I probably wouldn't have come across it either, but I'm happy I did. The courses I chose so far, although difficult, are exciting to me and I'm looking forward to this new journey.

Why did I choose to go back into "the struggle"

Like I mentioned above, grad school was not in my plans when I first started college. As I went through undergrad I realized how much I enjoyed being in academia and decided that I wanted to pursue a master's degree. I decided that it was best for me to get my master's now while I have no distractions or real responsibilities because grad school really is no games. I'm actually enjoying it more than undergrad though (the academia part) because it's focused on your research and anything that ties into it. No unnecessary courses to fill up credit hours, so that means more time learning new skills for your field and enhancing the ones you have. 

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