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Sunday, September 8, 2019

It's me... casually posting like I haven't disappeared for months. Heeey...😅. I'll get into the domain name and hosting site switch in another post, but today's blog post is all about my loc journey. September 11th makes four months and since I've made it this far without combing them out, I figured I start documenting the journey on the blog. 

Why did I choose to loc my hair?

For yeeeeaars I've wanted to get locs, but seeing people in the beginning stages made me second guess it and I didn't feel confident enough to go through it. Along with that, all the stigmas surrounding them made me question if it was a good decision. Eventually, I took to YouTube and Google (my best friends) to do some research because I was honestly over my loose natural hair. My 4c hair was waaay too much work and I wanted something that was going to work with my get-up-and-go personality. The more research I did the more I learned about the history and the more I fell in love with them. I realized that the things that I heard, read, and saw were majority myths and mainly people's opinions and biases.

It still took me months to make my decision though. I was still a little nervous but finally, I made my appointment (which I almost canceled because I was so scared) and on May 11th I got them done and now here I am 4 months later.

They look a little thirsty, but, trust me, they're moisturized

How did I start them?

I went to a loctician back home, in Miami, and she started my locs using the interlock method. She made sure to explain to me why she chooses to use that method and I felt comfortable getting them done that way and haven't had any issues. It allows me to wash my hair more frequently and wait longer to get a retwist. I decided to start them off small because I can always combine them to make them thicker. If you start off with a larger loc and want them smaller you would have to start all over. Keep in mind, if you decide to loc up that the foundation is extremely important.

I decided to continue going to a loctician until my hair fully locs up because I don't want to mess anything up at this stage. I do, however, do a little regimen to control the frizz on days that they look crazier than usual.

So far...

The back of my hair has been locking up the fastest while the front still looks like some limp noodles, but give my babies some time. This journey, somewhat, feels similar to when I started to wear my natural hair out for the first time. It's been a test of patience and my self-esteem all over again. Overall, I've been loving watching my hair loc up. Natural hair never fails to amaze me. To see how versatile my hair can be has always been the main thing that I loved about it. I do get stares and questions (similar to when I had my twa), I'm pretty sure it's because I'm still in the beginning stages and look a little crazy sometimes, but it's nothing ya girl can't handle. 

I haven't experienced any budding, yet, just a lot of frizz, shrinkage, and dryness (sometimes). Even though I chose locs for aesthetics and not spiritual or religious reasons, this journey so far has revealed to me a side of myself that I didn't know I had and has pushed me to be more confident with myself in my natural state. It's a feeling I can't really put into words, but it wasn't a feeling I was expecting. This is honestly the happiest I've ever been with my hair, even on days when I look a little rough. And, of course, I have "loc goals" but just like any hair journey your hair is your own so if you do decide to go on this journey remember to not compare it to anyone else's.

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