Takeaways I Got From Content Creators That Inspire Me

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Being a blogger creative ruts come in waves. I don't have many blogger friends where I am or people I can call when my mind is racing at 2 a.m. So, I tend to turn to the one thing that's been helping me from the beginning, the internet.

When I have creative blocks I go and watch or read content from my favorite content creators for some motivation. This last time that I went on their platforms I also started looking at the way their content is that keeps their audience coming back. This is one of my main goals for 2019 that I'm starting now.

As I was scrolling through these platforms, there were tidbits of information and patterns that stuck out to me. Here are the 4 main ones:

1. There Was No Microwave Content

Every single piece of work that is put onto their platform you can see all the hard work even without them saying it. Their work is flawless (in my opinion) and that's because they spend weeks, days, hours to make sure that they're delivering quality work while maintaining consistency. Don't just throw together something in 5 minutes just to have something to post, it will show.

2. They Kept Going, Even When No One Was Watching Or Reading

A few of my favorites I've been following since the beginning and have seen tremendous growth. They didn't allow anything discouraging to stop them and it shows how tenacious they are. They used what they had and started somewhere and that's why they're where they are today. When they're audience was in the double digits they knew where they wanted to be and kept going. Truth is your content isn't going to be for everyone, but the audience that it's for will eventually come, so keep pushing!

3. They Know Their "Why" 

Most creatives I follow want to inspire and I have the same 'why' as well which is why I follow majority of them. They tailor their content to their it and I believe it's one of those things that helps creators follow through. When starting a platform make sure you know your why. It's what keeps you pushing and allows you to stick to your path, something that I touch on in my last post. No trend is going to make you switch your platform style for views because you know what your purpose is.

4. They Are Themselves

black african american GIF by SoulPancake

If you're wondering how you're going to get your work out there in an oversaturated community the one major thing you can do is be original. I've seen a lot of creators have their work copied by smaller and even larger creatives. Though it's frustrating to have your work copied without credit it also means people love what you do, so much that they try to take it and pass it off as their own. Not many people have the ability to think outside the box, but if you stay true to yourself and your work, you will go far. Your work will get noticed and people will respect you more for the originality.

When you're in a creative rut and feeling discouraged remember these four things. Even the greats of content creation started out small. If your heart's in it, keep going.

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